Club Nintendo Super Mario Characters Statue Unboxed

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If your a Nintendo fan you might have heard of  ‘Club Nintendo‘ as most first party Nintendo titles, such as Mario Party 9, and all of Nintendo 3DS Games will include a leaflet promoting Club Nintendo.

well Club Nintendo basically is a reward scheme that gives loyal Nintendo Fan’s access to community, news and reward points entitled ‘Star Points’. These star points are inside majority of Nintendo games and once registered will give the user points to spend on anything they want in the Stars Catalogue. Each Nintendo Game offers around 200 – 250 worth of points, with Games consoles offering around 1000 Points.

These points can then be redeemed in the Nintendo Stars Catalogue for a variety of different items, such as a Golden Wii Wheel or a Nintendo Wii Classic Controller in the shape of a SNES controller. Well the reward that i recently recieved was a special Super Mario Characters Figurine state.

The Figurine, or statue, is relatively small (its smaller than a Nintendo 3DS Game case), however as you can see its highly detailed and features all of the key mario cast (i.e. Mario, Browser, Peach, Lugi, Toad & Yoshi). This particular statue cost 7000 Star Points, which is the 3rd most highest priced item in the stars Catalogue and it took around 20 Nintendo 3DS, Wii and DS Games in order to get it.


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