How To Export & Import Songs From Previous Guitar Hero Games to Guitar Hero 5

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With the release of Guitar Hero 5, owners of Guitar Hero World Tour and Greatest Hits (aka Smash Hits) can export a selection of songs to be used in Guitar Hero 5, but the problem is “how do you actually do it?” – Well ive written a small guide showing you how to do it below.

To Start with 38 (out of a possble 86) tracks can be exported from Guitar Hero World Tour, and 21 tracks (out of a possible 48) tracks can be exported from Guitar Hero Greatest Hits – now both these fail in comparison to the “Rock Band 1” export which exported all except 3 songs and had a price of 400 MS. The Guitar Hero exportation comes in at abit more expensive (if you were to export both games) , to export the songs from World tour it costs 280 MS, to export the songs from Greatest Hits it costs 160 MS, so thats 440 MS for 59 tracks, 280 for 38 tracks or 160 for 21 tracks.

To find out which tracks are exported to your consoles hard drive you will have to visit the official guitar hero website, also this exportation system works on Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii, but whats different from the Rock Band export system is that the actual disc is not needed as everything is downloaded from the internet (well it is on the Xbox 360 version).

The Guide:

Before we begin the “Export” process you must have the following things:
* Guitar Hero 5 Game
* Guitar Hero World Tour / Greatest Hits Manual
* Xbox Live GOLD Subscription / PSN Account / Wii Account
* Microsoft Points / Nintendo Points / PSN Money

Once you have the following things you should start up Guitar Hero 5 and go to the “Main menu” and not the “party play” that starts up automatically, then go to “options” and “Import songs” (as shown below):


After selecting “Import Songs” you will be given three different options, the 1st option is a FREE Download that will import all previous Guitar Hero World Tour DLC (Downloadable Content) and make it work with Guitar Hero 5, the other two options are to import songs from World Tour and Greatest Hits, since i will be importing “Greatest Hits”, that is the one i choose.
After choosing the disc to import it will being up a message saying that you will be importing songs from another game and that you will need your “Unique Owners Code” – this code is printed on the back of the games manual, the code (much like an Xbox Redemption code) can only used ONCE and will be linked to that account, after confirming it will then ask you to enter the code.
After successfully entering the code it will bring up a “Marketplace Download” screen telling you the usual stuff (i.e. Your Microsoft Points, How much this download costs, size of your Hard drive (remaining) and how big the download is) if you accept the terms press “Confirm” and it will start to download the tracks from the marketplace, yes no disc’s are needed it downloads the songs straight from the internet.
Once downloaded you will need to either restart the game or “update setlist” under the options menu, then all the songs you have imported / downloaded will show up on the setlist (or in quickplay mode). All songs are also noted (on screen) telling you which game they have come from, as you can see below:
Congratulations you now know how to import songs from two previous Guitar Hero games, now its time to start rocking away to over 120 songs!

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